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Welcome to my PC games, tutorials and demos page where you can find my latest experiments as freeware and/or shareware programs ready to download.

As researcher at the gameLAB I have started to get in touch with the very exciting world of computer games and game technology, including many very interesting and instructive tools, both commercial and free, that can be used to unleash our creativity.

As first step, I'd like to introduce you to some useful free resources for your own games (I am sure you'll find these extremely interesting and worth of attention, if you don't already know about them):
Now, despite being involved in some "state of the art" game projects at work, I felt the wish of doing some little "old fashioned" but fun games in my spare time (and this is actually quite useful to practice one's programming skills: one thing is working in a well organized team at work in a fully featured lab, another working all on our own in the evening on our laptop at candlelight :) while trying to solve, without any external help, all the little issues and problems that even the simplest game can arise) and here you can download the results. More games will be added as soon as I complete them and, who knows, maybe in about one year I might have had enough time to write a very nice little game, so come back from time to time! ;-)

Title Genre Licence Notes
Genoa Football Manager v.1.01b (1697 Kb) Sport Freeware Written in C using Allegro and Dev-Cpp. Take a chance to lead the oldest Italian football team in 2005-06 Serie A! (English version).
Genoa Football Manager v.1.01b (1697 Kb) Sport Freeware Italian version.
Move Sound (418 Kb) Demo/Tutorial Freeware Written using Allegro (and Dev-Cpp). Shows how to handle mouse input to draw some points on the screen and then to "move" a sound (pan and pitch) between those points. Sources included.
PacSmiley v.1.0 (671 Kb) Arcade Freeware Written using Allegro. A very simple arcade style game: move your character to collect flowers and hearts while avoiding the bouncing balls! Sources included.
PacSmiley v.2.0 (1084 Kb) Arcade Shareware Written using Allegro. A much enhanced versions featuring different enemies, levels, joypad support and more! C sources available to registered users. Registration is US$9.00 only.
Bob's Chess Trivia (643 Kb) Quiz Shareware Written using Allegro. A Trivia Quiz game for all chess lovers! Anyone, from the beginner to the grand master will find something new and amusing about chess by playing this little game. The shareware version is fully functional and comes with a database featuring 50 questions. Once registered, you'll be able to download a bigger database with more than 100 questions. Note: Sources are available, upon request, to registered users. Registration is US$9.00 only.
The Way of the Exploding Fist (4.12 Mb) Fighting Freeware A Flash remake of the historical title released in 1985 by Melbourne House on the C64 and other systems.
NEWS!! My remake was awarded the This game has been awarded the 's Black Belt Award by the high quality free gaming site 'Fighting Games'

For more free game fun, I suggest you have a look at these very good sites:
HeavyGames      KickinGames

Feel free to email me at     RDILLON{at}IOL.IT     if you have any comments/suggestions or criticism!

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